So what to eat on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is one of those long-held "holidays of food." And the symbolism of Super Bowl XL can also XL "eating pants." So how can you make this Super Bowl Sunday special? There was the report that said vegetables are popular on the pigskin day. And they certainly have a place. But let's get creative. The game is being held in Detroit, so it would seem appropriate to have either Domino's (headquartered in nearby Ann Arbor) or Little Caesar's (Detroit). Detroit is known for the Coney dog. Given its large African-American population, soul food would be a nice touch. Detroit has a thriving Greektown, so it's a good excuse to add a Greek theme to your food. Then, there's Windsor in Ontario, just across the Detroit River. To honor the Ontario fans, you might try dipping French fries in mayonnaise. I have found poutine (French fries covered in cheese curds and topped with brown gravy) in Windsor, so if you want to go for poutine, you can culturally justify it.

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